Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sun Kil Moon

As good or better than the Red House Painters. The new album of Modest Mouse covers is great - especially since I don't like Modest Mouse. Like the AC/DC covers record, Kozelek spins the tunes for his own melody. Sounds like perfect Kozelek. Reminds me of Husker Du detonating The Byrds "Eight Miles High", stealing it from McGuinn and the chime gang. Making it the lost arc of Zen Arcade's sprawling punk testimony.

Don DeLillo

Been reengaging enthusiastically with Don DeLillo obsession of 2005. Those final supremely lyrical pages of Great Jones Street. The unbelievable chunks of astonishing writing *always musical* in Underworld. That killer line, "I'm a sentence maker, like a donut maker, only slower" in Mao II. Soon, when I'm done with Georges Perec's Life: A USer's Manual, will be moving to the unread Don: starting with Cosmopolis. Have left first, Americana and last, Cosmopolis, for dessert.

The Twilight Singers

Seems the new Twilight Singers album, Powder Burns, is due for a Spring 06 release.